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    1.The wrong place analysis of double-row quenching furnace
    (1) it is possible that the internal jammed, can eliminate free point, such as material plate does not reach the designated position, they caused quenching elevator card parts.
    (2) it is possible that the brake is too loose, and put in place and have some sink, when need to adjust the brake.
    (3) it is possible that chain inversion, then need to electrical control limit, or drop in place the inverse operation () continue to drop.
    (4) probably the problem of limit switch, electrical adjustment.
    (5) it is also possible that after the furnace quenching machine above limit bolt improper adjustment. 



    2.Analysis of the push botton of the heating furnace when it can not be pushed or pulled
    The possible reason for that is: in the furnace, if there's a part or something, if there's a piece of it, the main putt if it's damaged like a small axis, a ball bearings or a deflorator, it's a shift in the putter, and it's the back of the putter. In addition, the failure of the coupler and reducer can also occur.


    3.Analysis and solutions about the back soft chain of heating furnace is stucked.
    1) inside the furnace guide rail is damaged, or the parts other debris card dies.
    2) long wear and tear on the soft chain can also cause card to die.
    3) sometimes due to the problem of electrical problems, the soft chain plate will die if it is not in time.
    4) after replacing the H type guide rail, the two sections of guide rail can also cause the eight card if the gap is too large after the heating expansion.
    5) if the replacement of the wheel does not repair the rounded corners, it will also result in an eight card. In the process of handling, the soft chain can be handled by using a reasonable method, such as the lifting of the lever, lifting, etc., or removing the pin and pushing the soft chain. If the guide rail problem can be processed, it can be used to replace the damaged guide rail with the corresponding heat-resistant steel bar, which can not be treated only with the stop furnace repair or the grinding of the pushing head.


    4.Analysis and solutions about the rear door of the heating furnace could not close.
    Possible reasons: the rear door is driven by cylinder
    1) cylinder problem, cylinder rod leakage or piston spout.
    2) air valve problem, running air or valve core card.
    3) furnace door lifting or shaft abrasion.

    1) cylinder problem, detachable cylinder.
    2) air valve problem can be adjusted or replaced.
    3) if the furnace door is worn by the lifting ear or shaft, it can be treated accordingly.


    5.Analysis and solution about the insufficient flow of sand of shot blasting furnace
    1) there's a problem with the promotion of the agency, and there's a lot of sand in the sand, and it's possible to add a few.
    2) there's clutter in the sand and it's clear.
    3) the flow sand pipe is blocked and can be cleaned and processed.
    4) turntable enclosed sand deformation, severe wear make sand circulation suffocate also can appear this kind of phenomenon, can replace or correction processing


    6.Analysis and solutions about the shaking hearth furnace could not shake well
    1) the CAM is badly worn and the CAM is replaced.
    2) plate deformation and replacement treatment. Too much attached to the bottom plate, which produces a sticky substance at high temperature.
    3) the ball is not suitable for replacement.
    4) improper placement of pillows and correction processing.
    5) orientation is not appropriate, correction processing.
    6) the support wheel and the four guide wheel position are not correct, adjust the processing.
    7) the bottom plate tension spring adjustment too tight, too loose will cause the shock not ideal.


    7.Analysis and solutions when the shoot-blasting machine burns out
    1) improve belt running deviation, a card phenomenon, can adjust processing.
    2) improve the sand bucket number severity shortage, many sands, can fill sand bucket.
    3) it can be cleaned and processed on the lift or lower part of the machine.
    4) motor running, overloading waiting for protection failure or motor choice too small or reverse.


    8.Analysis and solutions about the broken down of the ball screw which is connected to the shaft
    1) the limit is not working, enter or back in place. Adjust the limit or replace the small shaft.
    2) the main push rod structure in the weakest connecting shaft, and when a new main push rod assembly when using, sometimes each part friction resistance is large in the small shaft fracture, connecting shaft pin hole. When long time use, pin hole or pin wear, cooperate not good, also can cause fracture.
    3) it is also possible to rupture when the thrust-head is severely obstructed by force pushing or overloading in the furnace.


    9.Analysis and solutions about alarm sounds when the soft chain inside of the heating furnace is in the wrong place
    1) the guide rail is damaged and the card is damaged. If it cannot be cooled, it can be temporarily used to handle the bridge with heat resistant steel rods or plates.
    2) the chain has no flexibility in its wear and tear, and it can be changed and replaced.
    3) there are parts or other substances in the chain groove.
    4) other electrical reasons.
    5) there is no chamfer Angle and too many sharp corners.


    10.Analysis and solutions when press pressure of 40T(35T) straightening is not enough
    1) the filter in the hydraulic oil tank is blocked and can be cleaned and processed.
    2) the hydraulic pump has broken down and can be removed or replaced.
    3) motor faults can be removed or replaced.
    4) the overflow valve or process control valve can be repaired or replaced.
    5) repair or replacement of the reversing valve.
    6) the pressure gauge itself fails to repair or replace.
    7) the hydraulic cylinder is broken down, repaired or replaced.
    8) the motor oil pump coupling is loose or loosened.
    9) there are leaks or blockages in the system.


    11.Analysis and solutions about the door of the double-row furnace could not rise
    1) the furnace door or furnace door frame deformation.
    2) bearing dead.
    3) the brick or other object is stuck.
    4) chain problems on both sides, such as chain broken, two chain unbalanced, etc.
    Solutions : repair or replace door and frame, remove debris, replace the bearing repair chain, ensure that the two links are identical, and the connection is strong.


    12.Solutions about the side fan failure vibration
    Side of the fan vibration caused by the cause of the problem are as follows:
    1)The bearing abrasion causes vibration.
    2) fan shafts deformation, causing dynamic imbalance to generate vibration.
    3) dynamic imbalance is caused by fan impeller, blade corrosion or damage.
    4) bearing pedestal, the coaxial degree of two bearing holes causes imbalance and vibration.
    5) bending deformation of motor shaft head.
    6) insufficient lubricating oil can cause bearing vibration or death.
    7) when the circulating water is broken or the water is not enough, it can cause the bearing overtemperature to die and fan vibration.
    8) fan vibration will be introduced to the front of fan base rock wool baffle or fan front end insulation bowl.
    9) the side fan device and the furnace connection can also cause vibration.
    First of all, check the installation of the fan, the dynamic balance and static balance is within the scope of the provisions of numerical processing of bearing seat two axle hole alignment within the scope of the rules governing numerical, so pretend fan device is qualified, and second, in use process caused by vibration, should be replaced according to the specific circumstances to replace bearing, impeller, shaft, replace the bearing seat, fastening connection, always pay attention to lubrication situation of circulating water, etc.


    13.Reasons why the hydraulic cylinder quenching machine is lack of presssure
    1) the leakage of hydraulic system component pipeline is insufficient.
    2) pressure valve and overflow valve adjustment position are not in place.
    3) oil pump wear gap is too large, oil pump outlet oil pressure is insufficient.
    4) motor speed is not enough or reversed.
    5) the flow of the system components or the blockage or oil in the pipe can affect the flow, resulting in insufficient pressure.
    6) insufficient oil or poor oil quality.


    14.The common errors happen to the shot-blasting machine
    1) the blade in the turbine box, the impeller and the shield wear.
    2) leakage of the casing and flow sand line.
    3) wear or loss of lift belt and sand bucket.
    4) rotary shield or bracket wear.
    5) hoist pulley and drive shaft wear.
    6) turbine shaft and bearing seat, bearing wear, turbine vibration.
    7) the chain is broken because of the drop of the card, or the insurance shaw break.


    15.Reasons the cylinder could not rise
    1) the piston seal is worn or worn, causing insufficient air volume.
    2) the system compresses air pressure.
    3) deformation of cylinder or cylinder.
    4) failure of reversing valve.
    Power outage.
    6) lubrication.

    16.The way to tell the furnace shall is leak or not
    When the gas is normally in the air, if we find a low pressure in the furnace or if we find a vent, it's somewhere the leak point. In production, we often use open fire to find the leakage point, because the gas in the furnace is flammable, when the flame is burning.


    17. The common errors happen to the top of the fan
    One of the most common error is the bearing, the abrasion of the bearing, or the high temperature of the oven, which causes the shaft to fail.Because the temperature of the furnace is too high, the gas corrosion will make the fan impeller and the axial connection become thin or cut off the impeller, and the handling should be used to pull the fan out of the fan base after hanging the fan base.The leaf rotors corrode the wear, or the fan axis frayed.


    18.Analysis and solutions about oil cylinder oil leak in hydraulic system
    Oil cylinder oil leakage phenomenon, which is a common fault in hydraulic system, causes the phenomenon mainly to wear and age of hydraulic components. Wear and tear of copper sheath, aging and wear of cup and O ring. The treatment method is to replace the new copper sleeve, leather bowl, o-ring and other wear parts.


    19.Analysis and solution about the huge vibration of well-typed furnace
    The main vibration of the fan is because of the fan shaft bending, or the failure of the bearings, the process is to reassemble the shaft and the bearings.


    20. Reasons of the leakage of nitride furnace
    The leakage of nitride furnace caused the unstable working condition of the nitride furnace, and the environmental pollution of the workshop should be thoroughly solved. The leakage of nitride furnace is mainly in the gap of the axial hole.
    If it is possible to exclude shaft bend, it is mainly the asbestos cord seal. The improved method is to take the double gland structure, and then press the asbestos rope in the center.


    21.Analysis and solutions about the quenching platform of cyanide furnace cannot be raised or could not be in the right place
    The cyanide furnace can't be elevated or elevated, mainly due to the fact that the cylinders have been dropped, causing the oil chamber to form a vacuum, and to get back to the oil. The problem could be solved when the processing method is adjusted to get the appropriate velocity height under the oil cylinder.


    22. What are the causes of the unrise of the cyanide furnace
    1) one-way valve is not easy to use.
    2) the pressure of the hydraulic system is small.
    3) guide pillar deformation card phenomenon.


    23.Reasons and solutions about the gas leak of  furnace from the door
    1) furnace door or furnace door frame deformation, resulting in tight seal, can update furnace door or furnace door frame.
    2) the asbestos rope is aged or damaged and the seal is not tight, and the asbestos rope is changed.
    3) the deviation of the position of the roller, or serious wear of the roller, causes the sealing to be lax.
    4) the position error or wear of roller guide slot leads to poor seal.
    For the above reasons, it can be adopted to replace the wear parts, correct the deformation and error, change the asbestos rope, and ensure the sealing and other treatment methods.


    24.Reasons about the fan of box-typed furnace broken down
    1) one of the biggest reason is that the fan blade welding quality is bad, often at the joint welding, fan leaves fall off,
    If the workers find out that they're not in time, the fan shaft will be deformed, and the vault will fall off.
    2)Because of the design of the furnace, the furnace door opens to the cold air through the front and back of the furnace door, and the life-span of the radiation pipe and the fan's life-span has decreased.
    3) due to the stove dome a flat strength is poorer, if bricky system mobility on the operation of the fan leaves, also can make the fan shape
    The vibration is caused by the temperature of the fan blade and the shaft end in the furnace.
    4) wear of fan bearing, failure caused by poor lubrication.
    5) stop circulating water lead to the fan bearing burning to death, cause of failure.
    6) wear of belt and belt cause failure.
    7)Electrical failure.


    25.Errors of doors of box-typed furnace
    1) leakage of air cylinder, air valve or gas path can cause the furnace door to rise feebly or not.
    2) chain breakage, sprocket shaft deformation, bearing wear or bearing to die.
    3) the furnace door itself deform, guide plate deformation or because of the welding position change.
    4) the fall of brick and other debris can affect the lifting of the door.


    26.Common errors of continuous furnace

    1) the roller speed is unstable.
    2) the inner spiral of the drum is not good, the wear and welding seams are in the cracks, the parts card dies out of the furnace.
    3) roller rotation stuck: feeding tube with roller feeding port and the relative position is not accurate, stuck, supporting wheel wear, failed to timely replacement turn difficult;
    After discharging mouth due to the caustic soda evaporation crystallization, parts stuck, roller deformation is large, difficult or fixed rotation.
    4) feeding door jammed, door and slot gap is big, small parts fell into and jammed.


    27.Common errors of sealed furnace
    1) sutck bottom board; The floor guide block is large in size and the material is not good. After using it, it expands too much, and the card dies in the guide slot, the gap of guide channel is small, and the guide connection is not well connected.
    2) the quenching platform is not in place or the impact force is large, the cylinder piston is not good to use, the hydraulic pressure is not suitable.
    3) the fan circulation is not good, the assembly is poor, the bearing card dies or the fan falls off.
    4) the parts are not pushed, the guide connection is not well connected, the pressure is insufficient, the one-way valve is not adjustable, the pressure relief, the solenoid valve is not good.

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