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    Welcome to Jilin Jiuzheng Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd!



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    Equipments overhaul

    Device furnace refractory refurbishment overhaul, contains: at the bottom of the furnace wall, furnace arch, carbide guide/slide, the door of caterpillar track replacement, stirring fan assembly and parts replacement, in door replacement of insulation materials, and according to customer needs, provide furnace temperature measuring and national certification of temperature measurement report.

    Equipments transformation

    Based on the changes in the client's new site, the removal of the equipment and the necessary modifications, upgrades, and the maintenance of the site, and the follow-up equipment overhaul based on the client's needs.

    Equipments repair

    The replacement and maintenance of components of various mechanical and electrical components in the equipment include: cylinder, solenoid valve, oxygen probe, thermocouple, temperature control meter, operating box, heat exchanger, etc., and the inspection of equipment (mechanical part, electrical part, process part).

    software update

    Update the original operating system, and provide a follow-up debugging to automate the device

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