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    Welcome to Jilin Jiuzheng Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd!



    Your present location:Home >> News >> 2011 is a long time in the country to provide fast and convenient service

    2011 is a long time in the country to provide fast and convenient service



    Provide fast and convenient service


    According to the layout of the national economic zone, and the long distribution of users in recent years. The company decided that the southwest region, the Central Plains Zhongnan District, Central China Eastern District, resident service personnel, in order to provide users with fast and convenient service.


    main in-charge:


    Southwest Region: Wang Mingxie Zhang Liguo

    Central Plains Region: Zhou Junfeng Cong Zikai

    Central China, East China: Zhen Zudong Dong Kewu





    Jilin Province is a long industrial equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd


    Jilin province long zheng industrial equipment manufacturing co., LTD

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