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    Welcome to Jilin Jiuzheng Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd!



    Your present location:Home >> News >> Multi-purpose sealed box furnace annual output of over 1,500 tons

    Multi-purpose sealed box furnace annual output of over 1,500 tons

    Since the company put into operation in February 2009, the company has made full use of the advantages of box-type furnace technology conversion, completed more than 60 varieties of typical parts of the process debugging, heat treatment products for customers FAW - Volkswagen, Shanghai - Volkswagen, FAW Jiefang Company, FAW Fu Ao company, Chery and other group production line, part of the export of electric tools products in Southeast Asia, powder metallurgy products exported to Germany. October 2009 the company to expand production, add a set of sealed box furnace, the current annual processing capacity of heat treatment products has reached 1650 tons.

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