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    Welcome to Jilin Jiuzheng Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd!



    Your present location:Home >> News >> Jiuzheng company to take a number of initiatives pay close attention to the quality of the steps

    Jiuzheng company to take a number of initiatives pay close attention to the quality of the steps

      August 2009, Jilin Province for a long time Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. quality management system for the completion of certification work. The company has always been to implement the ISO9001 quality system standards as the main line to customer satisfaction as the goal, to strengthen the process of quality control, to take a number of measures ---

      A good three

      Raw materials, purchased parts and foreign accessories

      Key parts Key process Quality control of production process

      Equipment assembly, commissioning the user finally satisfied

      2. Do three steps

      Whether the process of product quality is qualified

      On the process of semi-finished products to implement supervision

      Service with the quality of the upper and lower process of convergence

      3. three by production

      According to drawings, standards and technology organizations

      Through the above measures, strict quality management will be deep into the procurement of raw materials, process design, manufacturing, after-sales service, such as the details of the work and the whole process to the quality of plastic brands to reputation extension market, to win the user's satisfaction.


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