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    Welcome to Jilin Jiuzheng Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd!



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    Warmly celebrate the tenth anniversary of Jiuzheng Industry


    The tenth anniversary of the long industry


    Ten years of ups and downs, ten years of heritage across, ten years side by side with the achievements of the long time today. The growth of the road can not be separated from the close cooperation, a short decade, for those who have been successful business, it is nothing. In the face of their decades or even hundreds of years of enterprise development history, the past decade, just a short moment. However, for our company, it is a full of opportunities and challenges, hard work and dedication of the entrepreneurial history.

    Ten years ago, Jiuzheng industry was just a small business that had just undergone state-owned enterprise restructuring and faced itself in the face of adversity. At that time, the lack of goods and the running of the industry, all kinds of unfavorable factors accompanied us. In that state, we strive for self- , In the dilemma of growth, through a long time is a solid basic skills and excellent quality, and gradually won the praise of the market, and in practice to get true knowledge: "industry for a long time, the goods are", which is our struggle From the past decade, for a long time industry for all types of industrial enterprises in China to provide users with more than 200 sets of heat treatment furnace equipment, its high degree of automation, high precision machining, equipment quality, the quality of equipment, High by the enterprise recognition; and for the FAW and other enterprises of the industrial furnace equipment relocation more than 300 times, our team to "zero damage, fast" known. We use our most sincere attitude, the most professional knowledge to serve users, and will achieve customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal. Nowadays, ten years in the past, Jiuzheng industry has been swaying from the beginning of the boat, transformed into a heat treatment industry in the wind and waves of the flagship, which is on behalf of the user recognition of our equipment, but also represents the user for our serious, hard work recognition. At any time, our corporate culture will not change, corporate philosophy will not change, business goals will not change. As a member of the long industry, I am proud and proud.

    An iron team is not only a wise leader, but also a group of concerted efforts, never give up the leadership and staff, it is this "diligent, dedicated, pragmatic and innovative" excellent team, the courage to meet the challenge , The predecessors of the hardships, legislation industry forward, continue to use new technology and wisdom to arm themselves, perseverance, overcoming all obstacles, innovation and progress out of the long-term characteristics of the development of the road, which makes long industry in the region and the national heat treatment industry Market competition in an invincible position. Now, we are not just a team, it is like a family, brothers, concentric, and its profits, let us in the industrial intelligence on the road through the seizures of Ma, courageously forward!


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