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    Heat treatment equipment propped up half of the country

    Nationally, the control atmosphere furnace and vacuum furnace a total of less than 5% of the heat treatment equipment, some labor intensity, serious pollution and energy consumption of the equipment is still a small number. Heat treatment equipment Industrial production of energy sources are mainly coal and oil-based, the global scale of industrial production expansion makes the energy crisis is increasing, resulting in a substantial increase in energy prices, beyond the scope of national tolerance; At the same time, industrial production Will inevitably lead to deterioration of environmental pollution problems, industrial waste emissions caused by the consequences of the normal production of human life is affecting. In order to alleviate the above problems, countries are committed to the development and application of new alternative energy materials, is currently widely recognized as a new alternative energy non-bio-energy must go, the cost of bio-energy costs low, and raw materials can be seen everywhere, energy-saving industrial furnace best choice.


    The reliability of the heat treatment equipment and process depends on the reliability of the mechanical action, electrical components, instrumentation, sensors and the entire system. This problem has been a bottleneck in the heat treatment process and equipment development. Now, the control components and its control system has been a great development, market supply and technical services is more and more convenient in the country can buy foreign high-quality products, while domestic products have also developed by leaps and bounds, the user can According to the actual needs of the product selection grade. Since the beginning of the quenching machine into the Chinese market, the domestic heat treatment authority in accordance with the current domestic economic conditions, transportation, market areas and opportunities and other aspects of a comprehensive analysis shows that: the current situation, the domestic mold heat treatment equipment manufacturing industry development has been Showing a significant inland, coastal differences, especially in the years under the influence of the world economic crisis, many mold manufacturing industry has been quietly in the upgrade transformation, this time there has been a great geographical difference.


    The improvement of the quality of the heat treatment equipment and the precise production process are related to the improvement of the quality, reliability and control technology of the heat treatment equipment and the improvement of the quality reproducibility and product performance of the heat treatment equipment. The achievement of the high index requirement of the heat treatment equipment is an important prerequisite for the quality dispersion of the heat treatment product, such as the quality dispersion. Foreign heat treatment equipment for the whole process of heat treatment process parameters of the full control, and is to automation, integration, flexibility and intelligent direction. In our country on the 60s of last century on the application of controlled atmosphere heat treatment, but also only in some large enterprises and a few professional factory use.

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