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    The thermal efficiency of the heating equipment has a lot of room for improvement

    We know that for our country, the development of heat treatment equipment industry, the relationship between the stable development of society, so forging heat treatment equipment as a heat treatment industry, production equipment, it is in the development of society, also plays a very important role, shoulder With significant social responsibility. Enterprises in the purchase of forging heat treatment equipment, the quality is good and bad equipment to measure the most important weight, that is, the best quality horizontal ink wheel forging heat treatment equipment is the final choice of enterprises, so forging Heat treatment equipment manufacturing enterprises, to improve the quality of equipment is essential, it determines whether the enterprise can achieve better development. Since the forging heat treatment equipment to the best quality, successfully involved in the production of heat treatment enterprises which greatly improve the metal production efficiency, but also for the enterprise to save a lot of production costs, so as to create a great market efficiency for the enterprise , And finally, forging heat treatment equipment also achieved the final market development.


    Heat treatment equipment Process materials and auxiliary materials are an important part of heat treatment technology. The lack of high-quality process materials, can not guarantee the heat treatment of parts and the excellent quality of various products. In the heat treatment process material is the largest amount of quenching agent. Although there are many claims that the polymer medium can completely replace the oil, it can not be completely replaced for a long period of time due to the unique characteristics and unique substitutions under certain conditions. In the current heat treatment production, 50% water and salt, alkali aqueous solution, 40% oil, 5% nitrite bath, 3% polymer solution, 1% corundum powder and so on as quenching medium. Thus, the amount of quenching oil is still a considerable proportion. In the actual use of quenching oil, 90% is used N22, N32 mechanical lubricants, the use of goods quenching oil ratio is still less than 10% of the total.


    In the early stages of China's market development, heat treatment equipment quickly got the industrial use, and in the induction heating industry, forging heat treatment equipment occupies a very important position, known as the maximum protection of heat treatment. As China's technology continues to increase, the technical level of heat treatment equipment has been greatly improved, the success of food companies to become the most ideal production equipment.

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