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    Normalizing can also be used as a final heat treatment equipment

    Normalizing is also called normalization or normalization. The purpose is to improve the mechanical properties and process performance by recrystallizing and homogenizing the non-normal tissue produced in the previous process. Normalizing can be used as a preliminary heat treatment equipment or as a final heat treatment equipment. For the structural steel of machined parts, most of the normalizing is used as a preliminary heat treatment equipment for the subsequent cutting and final heat treatment equipment to prepare for the organization; for low carbon low alloy steel, normalizing is as a final heat treatment equipment, so that The steel sheet has the desired structure, so that it has the required mechanical properties and process properties.


    Due to the large-scale state-owned enterprises and a large number of heat treatment processing enterprises in the rise of technological transformation, East China and South China coastal city light industry, electrical products, a large number of demand for mold, aviation and other emerging manufacturing parts processing external cooperation, the rise of the purchase of vacuum heat treatment equipment and sealed multi- Furnace production line-based equipment update wave. Automobile, railway, shipbuilding, wind power, weapons, drilling, mining and other industries of gasoline engines, diesel engines, gearbox parts, the basic parts of the heat treatment is basically achieved to putt furnace, roller furnace, chain furnace, Sealed multi-purpose furnace, transistor induction power supply and automatic quenching machine-based heat treatment equipment update. The technological upsurge of the technological transformation and updating of the enterprises has made the heat treatment equipment market a very prosperous phenomenon. The backbone enterprise equipment update rate of 70% or more.


    China's heat treatment technology, similar to other technologies, the traditional heat treatment technology has experienced from the bud, the establishment, development, peak to the weak, and finally the introduction of modern technology, digestion and development process. Material heat treatment in China has a long history. Compared with the rest of the world, the development of ancient Chinese heat treatment technology has obvious regional characteristics, in some aspects of China's heat treatment technology behind other regions, but there are many inventions and technologies in the history of the world heat treatment in a leading position, which is not Less results also spread to the rest of the world, the world's heat treatment technology has played a direct role in promoting progress.


    The reliability of the heat treatment equipment and process depends on the reliability of the mechanical action, electrical components, instrumentation, sensors and the entire system. This problem has been a bottleneck in the heat treatment process and equipment development. Now, the control components and its control system has been a great development, market supply and technical services is more and more convenient in the country can buy foreign high-quality products, while domestic products have also developed by leaps and bounds, the user can According to the actual needs of the product selection grade. In ancient times, we can think that in ancient times, China's heat treatment has begun to appear in the bud, in ancient times, China's traditional heat treatment technology began to establish initially; to medieval times, China's traditional heat treatment technology to further develop; in recent times, China Traditional heat treatment technology reached its peak in modern times, China's traditional heat treatment technology gradually weakened, while modern technology began to establish and develop.

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