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    Countries are committed to the development and application of new alternative energy materials

    Heat treatment equipment Industrial production of energy sources are mainly coal and oil-based, the global scale of industrial production expansion makes the energy crisis is increasing, resulting in a substantial increase in energy prices, beyond the scope of national tolerance; At the same time, industrial production Will inevitably lead to deterioration of environmental pollution problems, industrial waste emissions caused by the consequences of the normal production of human life is affecting. In order to alleviate the above problems, countries are committed to the development and application of new alternative energy materials, is currently widely recognized as a new alternative energy non-bio-energy must go, the cost of bio-energy costs low, and raw materials can be seen everywhere, energy-saving industrial furnace best choice.


    At present, the application of computer is to transform the traditional technology of heat treatment equipment to make it the only way to modernization. It includes three aspects of the content: First, the computer in the heat treatment parameters and management applications, the second is the computer in the production process control on the application, the third is the computer in the equipment manufacturing process applications. The electric furnace CAD system suitable for use in electric furnace plants has been in operation for many years. The system has 24 terminals, in addition to computer graphics, basic library and graphics file management and other functions, but also equipped with a comprehensive database and furnace design basic computing subsystem. Heat treatment equipment CAD system can make the design staff from the cumbersome repetitive labor freed, engaged in creative work.


    Heat treatment equipment with fuel, electricity, water, oil and other resources, the effective use of energy conservation and recycling after the re-use of a huge potential. Heat treatment of heating equipment, energy must be due to the local time to choose a reasonable choice, the thermal efficiency of heating equipment has a lot of room for improvement, the fuel product waste heat must be fully utilized, a large number of cooling water must be recycled, cleaned from the surface of the workpiece The oil should be sorted and recovered, and the quenched oil should be collected for reuse or as it is used. In short, the efficient use and regeneration of resources is a very important component of the heat treatment industry's sustainable development strategy. Now the awareness of the importance of this issue is far from reaching a level of awareness of the environment. The current state leaders and many people of insight are fully aware that the solution to this problem is that it can not rely on preaching, and that time has come to legislate and enact laws.

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