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    Heat treatment is the basic technology of manufacturing

    Heat treatment equipment technology is the main component of mechanical manufacturing technology, is to strengthen the metal materials, to play its potential capacity of the important process measures, is to ensure and improve the quality of mechanical products and life of the key technology. Heat treatment is mainly used in auto parts, mechanical foundation pieces, aerospace equipment, new energy equipment and many other fields. The rapid development of downstream demand for the development of heat treatment industry provides a good opportunity for development. According to China's industry insight network to understand that China is a large energy consumption, machinery manufacturing industry is one of the important components. With the continuous development of parts and machinery and other heavy industry, heat treatment plays an important supporting role in the revitalization and development of China's machinery manufacturing industry, and the development of machinery manufacturing industry will drive the rapid development of China's heat treatment industry for China's heat treatment industry The development of a broad space for development, industry development prospects.


    In recent years, China's heat treatment equipment production technology through the introduction of advanced technology digestion and absorption, has been a prominent change, made great progress. As the starting point of the past low, weak base, on the whole, the level of heat treatment production technology and advanced industrial countries are still relatively large gap. In the current trend of world economic integration, it is imperative to improve the quality of mechanical products and the competitiveness of domestic and foreign markets. Heat treatment production technology must also catch up in order to seize the opportunity and meet new challenges in order to reduce and shorten as soon as possible. The international advanced level of the gap, as soon as possible so that China's heat treatment technology and mechanical product quality into the ranks of the world's advanced. Enhance the competitiveness of the market to meet the five needs of heat treatment With the automotive, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, weapons, aviation, aerospace, environmental protection equipment, the basic focus of mechanical development, as well as the advantages of specialized production cooperation in industrial concentration Regional heat treatment of small and medium enterprises will be more vigorous emergence. These heat treatment enterprises will not be backward, low level of redundant construction, but by the market to promote, and strive to advanced technology and scientific management to maintain its strong competitiveness, and strive to high quality, high efficiency, low consumption direction, the formation of a virtuous circle.


    Heat treatment is an important part of the machinery industry. It is an indispensable part of the modern manufacturing industry. It is a key processing step to promote the potential of metal materials and improve the internal quality and service life of mechanical parts. It is the foundation of manufacturing industry technology. The performance and longevity of the mechanical product depends not only on the type and composition of the material. The heat treatment process can change the organization of the material and change the material's performance and life. The heat treatment has a critical effect on the quality of the parts and their components And long-term. Improve the level of heat treatment technology and production technology can achieve energy saving, materials, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.


    Heat treatment equipment update boom will lead to high quality supporting components, equipment and other needs increase, such as PSA and film air separation nitrogen machine, heat absorption furnace, high efficiency long life electric and gas radiation tube, high temperature electric materials, Heat-resistant metal components, 1200 ℃ above high-temperature ceramic fiber refractory, low noise Roots blower and mechanical vacuum pump, high-quality beautiful smart pipe fittings valves, needle valves, solenoid valves, suitable for all types of atmosphere and vacuum conditions, And the protection of the tube can be used for more than 1000 ℃ long life oxygen probe, the precise carbon potential controller and temperature control instrumentation, gas - air ratio of precision adjustment instruments, efficient clean burner. As the market demand for these accessories continues to increase, electric furnace manufacturers should pay close attention to the market and timely to these products.

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