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    Welcome to Jilin Jiuzheng Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd!



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    Warmly celebrate the successfully revision of our website

    For the purpose of enhance the image of our company, strenthen the publicity and creat favorable conditions for the operation and develop, the official website of JiuZheng Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Co., LTD has successfully upgraded the old version recently.


    The website has been upgraded to improve the company’s image, advertise our products, provide a a high-quality service for our domestic and foreign customers. This website has three different language versions of Chinese, English and Russian . We also made a huge adjustment of section settings, function design, service content and performance forms.The column plate has been reorgnized according to the functional area wich further integrates our company’s detail information to provide a more comprehensive and efficient service for our clients. Customers’ satisfaction is our greatest pursuit. We will keep this attitude to serve our customers in order to a quality service to our customers.


    The success of the revised version of our website indicates that our company has made a higher requirement for media publicity, which has reached a higher level for our company’s long-term development. There maybe still a few deficiencies in the revised website which we are trying to make make it right. So it would be appreciated if you could leave us your valuable opinions and suggestions to jiuzhenggongye@163.com while you are browsing this website.


    With your attention and support, the brand new website is successfully accomplished.


    We will continue to improve the quality of our product and servive. Sincere thanks for your support and trust.

    Jilin province long zheng industrial equipment manufacturing co., LTD

    ICP16006154 300.cn