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    Welcome to Jilin Jiuzheng Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd!



    Your present location:Home >> Products >> Continuous-mode Gas Carburizing Furnace Products >> Continuous multi-progress double-row gas carburizing(carbonitriding) furnace
    • Product name: Continuous multi-progress double-row gas carburizing(carbonitriding) furnace
    • Release time: 2017-06-07
    • Views : 63

    Scope of application:

    It is suitable for the carburizing and carbonitriding of mechanical parts such as gears, bearings, drill bits and so on in automobile, tractor,

    train locomotive, oil rig, mining machinery and so on. It is an ideal equipment for mass production.


    Equipment components:

    It can be composed of pretreatment furnace, double row heating furnace, double row carburizing furnace, double insulation furnace,

    quenching system, washing machine, low temperature tempering furnace and pallet conveyor. Carburizing automatic line

    products can be stand-alone supply, but also according to the user's special requirements, designed to ensure customer satisfaction with

    the complete set of equipment.

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