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    Welcome to Jilin Jiuzheng Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd!



    Your present location:Home >> Products >> Aluminum Alloy Quenching Aging Plant >> Aluminum alloy aging line
    • Product name: Aluminum alloy aging line
    • Release time: 2017-06-08
    • Views : 32

    Equipment use:

    For the aluminum alloy workpiece melting and aging treatment closed closed tray recycling system, a high degree of automation, low labor intensity.

    Heating furnace with open-type electric radiation tube, easy production and maintenance.

    SCR power regulator power supply, intelligent instrument temperature control alarm, saving significant. Furnace temperature uniformity, of which: solid solution heating furnace ± 5 ℃ aging furnace ± 5 ℃.

    Water control sand of the flip body can be adjusted within 0-270 °. The programmable controller controls the operation of the device so that the device operates accurately and reliably.


    Equipment components:

    By the quenching furnace, quenching mechanism, aging furnace, into the material putter, flip mechanism and control system and other components.


    Use characteristics:

    Production capacity of 420Kg / h

    Work elevation 800mm

    Total installed power 540kW

    Through the height of 510mm

    The maximum operating temperature of the furnace 600 ℃

    Aging furnace 250 ℃

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